How To Generate Passive Income And Build Your Online Business

Almost every single one of us wonders how to generate passive income. A few extra bucks every month might make a big difference in your lifestyle and without any doubt, the best and “easiest”  way to make a recurring passive income is doing affiliate marketing.

Passive Income Definition

In simple words, passive income is revenue received with minimum effort by the recipient to maintain it.

What? Minimum effort? Yes.

You can’t call passive income if you work more than 5 hours every single day to generate that cash.

But bear in mind that if you want to achieve 4, 5 or six figures passive income you will have to put the necessary work (sometimes 10 hours or more per day) to put all together before relax.

Once you get everything in place and automated, you can literally make money while you sleep.

And as I told you before, affiliate marketing is still one of the most promising passive income streams.

What Is Affiliate Marketing And How It Works

Affiliate marketing meaning is nothing more than receiving part of the profit of a sale to recommend that product or service.

We do this every day. We just don’t make money from it.

How many times did you recommend to your friends or family some movies, restaurants, fishing tackle, sports goods, software, cable tv providers or any other product or service?

As an affiliate marketer, you do the same. But once the sale is done, you keep part of the profits as a commission for that recommendation.

Check the image below that explains how the affiliate marketing process.

What Is Affiliate Marketing And How It Works

How Much Money Can You Make From Affiliate Marketing

You can make as much as you want… No… Seriously.

There is no limit on how much you can make with affiliate marketing.

The only thing that can prevent you from making big money is YOU.

I know people that make $10 per month and people that make $100K per month.

It all depends on how bad you want it.

Today I am far from making $100k but what I make every month allows me to live a decent life not worrying about bills anymore.

So if you really want to know how to generate recurring passive income keep reading!

Best Ways To Make Passive Income

Without any doubt, the best ways to generate passive income online is affiliate marketing.

But not every affiliate program is good or ethically correct. There are a lot of scammers and “gurus” that just want your money.

Believe me, the shiny object syndrome is the reason 90% of online entrepreneurs fail when starting.

I’ve tried several ways to make money with affiliate marketing. Lost money. Earn money. Lost again. Earned twice what I lost… you get the idea.

This gave me a huge experience and now I know exactly what do to and how to do it. And I will show you as much as I can.

But we are talking about passive income, and this doesn’t mean that only affiliate marketing can guarantee your passive income, but it is the best or easiest one.

You can generate passive income by:

  • Affiliate Marketing.
  • Merch by Amazon.
  • Invest in Crowdfunded Real Estate.
  • Dividend Income.
  • Peer-to-Peer Lending.
  • Get Out of Debt.
  • Open a High-Yield Account.
  • Rent out a Room in Your House.
  • Write a Book.
  • And many more…

Due to my experience in the area, I will continue this article focusing on affiliate marketing.

If you want to know how to be successful in affiliate marketing keep going.

Starting An Affiliate Marketing Business

So you decided to start your online business as an affiliate marketer. Good!

But before earning your first commission, you need to have your whole system ready to roll in the autopilot.

Why autopilot? Because you want passive income and you want to make money without having to worry about your 9 to 5 job or having a boss.

You want to work from the beach, enjoying the laptop lifestyle. In fact, this article is being written by the lakefront, in a small cabin where I spend time when I need to focus. I wish you could see the view…

Back to track… so that is why you need to have a solid system to support your whole business and when things start growing, this system needs to scale with you.

What Is Needed To Start Your Affiliate Marketing Business

So, the basic structure you need is:

  • Website – You need a website to show your offers.
  • Autoresponder – You need to keep your leads engaged and motivated.
  • Good internet connection – Eh.. obviously.
  • Time – Prepare to hustle in the beginning.
  • Cash (not required but helps) – If you want to speed up things.
  • Traffic – Lots of traffic.
  • Tracking tool

The problem is that those items above cost money.

Let’s break down by cost:

  • Website – ($300)
  • Autoresponder – ($29/mo)
  • Good internet connection – Eh.. obviously.
  • Time – Prepare to hustle in the beginning.
  • Cash (not required but helps) – If you want to speed up things.
  • Traffic – Here is where your money goes. ($100/week average)
  • Tracking tool – Good ones are paid ($12/mo)

So, if you want to know how to start affiliate marketing from scratch, now you know it.

Prepare at least $500 upfront if you are willing to do some things yourself like writing blogs, creating your email sequences, maintaining your website in good shape, SEO, etc…

Having the illusion that you can start a successful

It is a lot of work but can you make a living from affiliate marketing? Absolutely.

I’ve put a free course on how to make money with affiliate marketing for beginners.

You can get the FREE course here.

In this affiliate marketing course for beginners, you will learn how to make money fast with affiliate marketing.

Oh.. I almost forgot… There is a special bonus inside the course.

What Is The Best Affiliate Marketing Program

There are good affiliate programs around. I work with several of them and you can get a complete list inside the course.

I work now with a single one that makes me my recurring passive income. Note the word “recurring” and I also work with 4 or 5 to increase my earnings. I kinda like money.

Check the image below. This is how much money I make being a Clickfunnels affiliate.

Clickfunnels Affiliate Earnings

As you can see above, this program gives me around $6,000/month in recurring commissions. That means that every single month I have 6K on my account.

The best is yet to come. It runs on autopilot. I just need to drive traffic to it, the rest is done automatically.

It took me a lot of effort and money to bring my affiliate marketing business to this level. But now I can see that it was totally worth it.

I learned how to generate passive income in a hard way. Now I am collecting the gold.

I also promote other programs but honestly, Clickfunnels affiliate program is one of the most profitable and easiest programs ever.

The Secret Affiliate Machine

Generating passive income can be quite challenging, especially when you don’t have a lot of money to start and you are not technically savvy.

I know people that make around $10k every month with affiliate marketing and does not have a clue about coding, SEO or website maintenance.

If you are one of those people that just want to start but can’t think about every detail, I present to you the Secret Affiliate Machine (we will call it SAM from now on).

This is a completely free done-for-you affiliate marketing system. The very same one I use that brings me my recurring commissions.

If you are not a techie, in about 1 hour you have your whole SAM running and ready to make money.

Why Am I Giving This For Free?

When you succeed. I succeed.

If you are successful with your business, you make money and I make money. Simple as that.

So that is why I prefer to give my secrets away than to charge for them.

The more people I help to succeed, the more money I make. We both win!

So, are you ready to start your profitable affiliate marketing business now and get recurring passive income?


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